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Jun 12, 2019

The right age

When is a good time to learn to code?

When is the right time to start I hear you ask. Some of the best programmers in the history of mankind have begun as early as 7 years old. For example, Linus Trovalds (known for Linux kernel) started playing with computers when he was 11 years old. Like Linus there were many other during history who picked up programming at an early age. Like Linus once, there are many new youngsters with an incredible passion for technology and a great deal of curiosity. Let's offer these children a challenge!

We offer classes to ages 7 until 17 in age ranges:
+7 until 9 years
+10 until 13 years
+14 until 17 years
+ Grown ups (any one interested in catching up, understand the media better and so much more)