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Mar 20, 2020

Learn from home!

You are going to love our online courses

Join our weekly hour of coding for just 79€/month. Our virtual classrooms can take up to 8 students for the 10-13 age range groups and 6 students for the 7 to 9 ones. Once a week one of our teachers will send you an invitation to join his/her virtual classroom. During that weekly hour our groups will learn Game Development, Web Development and very soon Robotics* as well. Our online lessons have been designed to take care of every detail, students will be able to share their screens, draw on their screens, share files, chat with the whole group and interact in many other ways so that the lesson is almost like going to one of our physical groups.

Our curriculum in this short courses is divided into batches of 4 lessons, for instance during the first month our students will learn Game Development using SCRATCH, thanks to this popular programming platform we'll be able to explain all the basics programming concepts and best practices, from understanding events, actions, conditions or variables to create loops, if/then statements, create backgrounds, use sprites, animation and so much more.
If you join our second short course after the initial Game Development one, you will learn how to make your own website, read and write HTML and CSS allowing you to add images, links and add any type of styling to your future websites, but that's not all, our Web Development courses will also show you a lot of computer tricks and best practices.

Do not miss these initial courses, this is just the beginning.

Join one of our many online groups and get started with coding and robotics from your own home. Now is the right time, see you soon.

*Robotics will become optional soon, this curriculum will require an extra payment to get our Lego WeDo basic kit in order to follow the whole curriculum, join our newsletter and stay tuned for updates.