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Find us in the heart of Maastricht


ICANCODE SCHOOL is in the heart of Maastricht, at Maastrichter Smedenstraat 5 6211GK, in a very cute building around the corner of the famous and elegant Stokstraat shopping street. Our School is 100 m away from the Bijenkorf and 25m from the Saint Servatius Bridge.

You can attend your programming course and let your parents do some shopping, drink what probably is the best coffee in town at Dark or take a walk at the beautiful and always fun City Park, in the surroundings of our School there is always something fun to do.


Our school is an invention of the owners of the well-known Web & Ad local agency The Very Little Agency. During the day, Nico, Santi, Brigitte and all the team of developers work hard creating new designs, constructing cool websites like this one for customers all around the world... but in the afternoons and on weekends, the agency shares dedicates all their effort to teach coding and robotics to kids from 7 to 17.


Tell your parents to leave the car in the city parkings on the other side of the City Park which is the cheapest option but you will have to walk a litle bit more (10 minute walk to our school) or you can park at the O.L.Vrouweparking Parkeergarage (5 min walk but more expensive) Anyway, if you need the complete parking information of Maastricht, please click here.


Maastricht's central station is a 20 min walk to our school. If you need more information about the city train station, please click here.

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