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Online lessons. The rules.

So you are thinking of joining our super cool online lessons, here are some ground rules and tips:
1- ICANCODE won't provide computers, internet connection or technical solutions to probable device or home's wifi's technical issues.
2- It is very important that the device each student will use to attend our online lessons is up to date in terms of Operating System (latest version of windows, IOS, MacOS, etc).
3- We use a video conferencing app called ZOOM.US (https://zoom.us/), it is a must that each device used to attend our lessons has this App installed and tested.
4- We also recommend you to test the app (test microphone, speakers and video). Please take a look at this link https://blogs.otago.ac.nz/zoom/how-to-test-your-microphone-and-speakers-...
5- Our staff will send you a MEETING ID + PASSWORD via email at least one hour before the online lesson. Students should access the meeting at least 10 minutes before the lesson, each student should have the zoom.us app open and entered the MEETING ID and PASSWORD in order to be ready before the lesson kicks off.
6- If a student arrives too late to the lesson, he or she will be able to join following the same instructions provided above.
7- Our staff will send the instructions of the lesson before it starts (we normally send all the instructions before the first lesson, which should be applicable throughout the whole month of teaching).
8- Depending of the curriculum being taught, students might have to have another software available and open on their devices before the lesson starts (Scratch, Sublime Text, Lego WeDo, other).

A- Each student should be respectful, listen to the teacher at all times and keep order when participating in the lesson.
B- Make yourself some questions before joining our online courses:
+ Does my device have battery?
+ Have I tested ZOOM.US before the lesson starts? Microphone ok? Camera ok? Speakers ok?
+ Do I know my credentials to log on Scratch.mit.edu?
+ Do I have access to Sublime Text or Codepen on my computer (We will provide credentials and instructions to use these software before the lesson starts)
+ Am I in a very noisy place? Am I going to be able to follow the lesson and not bother other students?

Any other doubts, please contact us via info@icancodeschool.com

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